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"So they pack up and head for (ports in) Fernandina and St. The second Spanish occupation continued until 1821 when Spain transferred Florida to the United States. Augustine expanded because it not only included the slaves who returned with Spanish owners in 1784 but it still had some from the British period, African born and American born.

In this second Spanish period, she said, the slaves were also holding "jobs" when they were not working for their owners as an attempt to buy their freedom.

“I never went to the hospital or got my stomach pumped, although looking back now, I probably would have benefited from it,” she said.

“I think I just wanted to hide and forget about it.

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“The next day I remember feeling very scared by how much I couldn’t remember, considering how little I drank and speculating whether or not I had been slipped something. Drug facilitated sexual assault occurs when someone is subjected to sexual acts while they are incapacitated or unconscious due to the effects of ethanol, a drug or any other intoxicating substance, and as a result unable to consent to such acts. Date rape is becoming an larger issue, leading to larger problems than just a killer headache the next day.In 1797, the census recorded 1,007 white residents, 483 slaves and 102 free black residents. Augustine had been back under Spanish rule for almost 20 years.The slave trading business was changing worldwide as European countries and the American colonies started banning the importation of African slaves. "You have Liverpool, a center for the slave trade and all these ships from Africa there and suddenly, there is a ban," Schafer said.They worked as butchers, seamstresses, and rowers for boats. "Whatever they did, it took a long time," she said."Most would have been paid only 1 1/2 to 2 pesos a day and the minimum to buy their freedom would have been about 400 pesos." Parker was historian for the former Historic St. In that role, she acted as a tour guide for the Nation's Oldest City.

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