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Is that a Christian value just because it might be a value in the Christian religion? It may be a purely philosophical or secular value, just as it might be a value important in any number of religions.Is a person any less moral because s/he thinks it unfair to steal than because s/he thinks God has commanded him/her not to steal?The spiritual person is one who is close to God, loves God, always thinks of God, puts God first, or who tries to do God's will.It is a person whose life, or important aspects of it are, in some way, centered around God.And they don't want to have to consider arguments or discussions that point to the possibility, let alone the likelihood, that their views are mistaken.I will discuss the real problems at the end of this essay.I want to begin with the problems usually mistakenly put forward as being definitive and insurmountable. Ambiguity of the phrase "spiritual values": The phrase "spiritual values" may refer to at least three different kinds of things, described below.Without clarification of the usage intended, ambiguity often causes confusion or unnecessary disagreement.

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The "spirit" in "spiritual" is often a reference to the holy spirit of God, or, in Christianity, to the Holy Spirit.One may even choose to plow into an empty parked car in order to miss the child, because one realizes the life of the child is more important than mere material objects, even expensive ones.A Jew might do this; a Muslim might do this; a Christian might do this; an atheist might do this.Morality not necessarily religious in nature: The concept of "spiritual values" is often conjoined with "moral values" in a phrase such as "moral and spiritual values", as if the two concepts somehow necessarily go together (in one or more of a variety of ways I will discuss further on).But it is a mistake to think so, if by "spiritual" one means "religious" in some aspect.

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