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Also, using specific credit cards to buy tickets can give you discounts. Edit: This post appears to have the trappings of something officially sanctioned by our illustrious overseers, the mods. Now that this is official, attendance of this event is now mandatory. He is now in a coma and his loved ones are in distress trying to make sense of it all. Changed "hit-and-run" to "accident" really good friend Joey Basha has been living in Hong Kong for the past few years.

He can confirm that it was indeed a mistranslation.2) Want to see movies, but think tickets are hella expensive? Current Location is Wanchai [Delaney's Irish Pub](https://maps.hk/maps? In case you have not picked up, we are a go with at least 15 confirms, not including people who are tagging along.Go to shows before pm and show on Tuesdays for discounts. f=q&source=s_q&hl=zh-TW&geocode=&q=灣仔DELANEY' S\&aq=0&oq=delaneys &sll=22.352734,114.1277&sspn=0.687119,1.352692&vpsrc=0&brcurrent=3,0x3404005b7e61fe79:0x242571e635c3d8ee,0,0x3404004c435d4ad9:0x6e0e524894ae1a66&ie=UTF8&hq=DELANEY' S\&hnear=灣仔&ll=22.280737,114.17196&spn=0.010742,0.021136&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A&cid=8459671273981422129) Time is - October 19th. Leave me your number if you have not done so before, that I may contact you if any sudden changes occur. SECOND floor of Delaneys**Police notice pics of the intersection where the accident occurred** Q **Details** A very good friend of mine was hit by a truck while jogging earlier this month. Edit: An update revealed it wasn't a hit-and-run.More info: noticed some of you come to this sub reddit quite often with career/work related questions so i thought perhaps i could assist some of you with this. If you have never seen this series, I highly recommend it.Please feel free to ask me anything with regards to salaries, CV's, best way to land yourself your next job, interviewing etc. Tells the history of different regions of Hong Kong through the ages. Got my inspiration from this [post] ( Kong/comments/1de4xh/hku_starbucks_mishears_virginia/) Thought we can compile a list, while I think these are completely normal names in Hong Kong, if they did move, please change your name.

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