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With 200 stitch patterns, including alphanumeric stitches and eight styles of buttonholes, it has the most of any we tested and still comes at a reasonable price.It can also sew up to 750 stitches per minute accurately.Our testers really liked this machine and encountered few problems, giving it an A for ease of use and a B for sewing accuracy.It can only sew 700 stitches per minute, but most novice sewers probably won’t want to fly through their first projects anyway.

The average refrigerator puts out about 50 decibels, and this sewing machine isn't much louder.

There are 100 to pick from so the odds of having just what you need for your project are high.

Along with extra accessories like bobbins and a lint brush, this sewing machine comes with five extra sewing feet and an instruction DVD you can follow along with if you're new to the hobby.

Our testers gave it an A for sewing accuracy and an A for ease of use.

The computerized Confidence 7640 has automatic stitch settings, but the one downside to this machine is the location of the stitch key.

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