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HOWTO: Get your Sansa Fuze to Work Perfectly Hello everyone!This is my first tutorial I've written for this forum. It's always nice to give something back to the community.The additional file that is generated is just a renamed at 224x176, which acts as the cover art for the file provided it is named exactly the same as the video file. for the most part, you're going to be limited to drag and drop.You can go through photo management programs like F-SPot and export your photos but there is no 'sync' functionality for pictures just yet.

If you have a Fuze V1 I would highly recommend that you check out Rockbox. 1) Set your Sansa Fuze to MTP (media transfer protocol) mode by navigating to: SETTINGSMTP 2) Boot into your Windows partition 3) Download the Sansa Firmware Updater ( Updater Install.exe) and install it.

The Video MUST be 224x176 at 20fps exactly, between 500-700kbps, and the avi file has to be remuxed. The Sansa Media Converter application for Windows is absolute garbage and does NOT run under Wine, so forget about that.

The solution I've found is an awesome little application (well, actually its a collection of scripts and applications wrapped up in a neat little gui built with QT so it's cross platform) called Video4Fuze, which you can download here ( ( Here's a picture of Video4fuze in action.

This tutorial pertains mainly to the Sansa Fuze V2 released late in 2009, but most of the information here can be applied to other mp3 players as well as other devices that can play music or videos but do not show up by default in your music player, such as Cellphones, PDAs, or even your PSP.

This will help you enjoy the same kind of functionality with your Sansa Fuze (which --IS-- officially supported on linux) that owners of i Pods have enjoyed for a while now on Linux.

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