Slutty chat logs

It helps that a lot of the shitty people fall into fairly predictable archetypes, making it easy for me to get them to dance in my hand even while being the submissive one.But if I'm going to admit my own secret shames, it's that I just want some fucking story in my roleplay. I'm open to a partner, a GM, or even GM'ing myself sometimes, but no one ones to do anything but fuck.I'll start off: I intentionally attract shitty partners because I can't help but fap madly during play.

and even longer if it requires research, or is a complicated inquiry.A fight scene, in which case you're giving the other an opportunity to counter/respond/whatever.70732Is it weird to be interested in OOC play but not necessary realistic OOC play?Like, for example, I enjoy it when a male partner tells me his cock is really big, like a foot long or something, even though I already know it's not.70527I wouldn't know the first thing about dominating so I only play submissive bimbos for them to rampage through.I got to find out about my cheating ex-wife with his services.You can as well get to find out if your partner/spouse is cheating on you or not by simply Contacting him; ([email protected] dot COM) His services includes email hack, hack into any mobile device, social media hack, spy and track on anyone, hack into any database and computer system, erase fines and fees and lots more.

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