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A support slot with US band Tilly And The Wall brought them to the attention of Moshi Moshi Records who released their debut album Yeah So in 2009.

Initially categorized as “anti-folk” the album proved there was so much more to the band and their sound - sweet harmonious hooks, rockabilly beats and exuberant yelps and yips, all held together by some breath-taking harmonizing.

The group’s adventurous sophomore CD, “Paradise,” includes quirk-rockers such as “The Dog” and “Two Cousins.” The duo also recorded a surly yuletide EP, “Christmas, Thanks for Nothing.” So early retirement is not an option. We just went in and told them who we were, and I was British, of course, so that usually works. So we’ll definitely go back again this time through. And previously, I’d been into Papa Roach and Green Day, so I was trying to be alternative.

Were you aware that there’s actually a Slow Club restaurant in San Francisco? And then the bartender — the next time we played San Francisco — was in the band that supported us. Me and a few other boys starting learning drums at the same time, but they all dropped out, so it made me feel like I was good at something, finally.

The former are without exception excellent: ‘Giving Up On Love’ combines a country-hoedown feel with a twee-pop finish [Let’s call it ‘countwee’ – New Genre Ed], the folky stomp of ‘Our Most Brilliant Friends’ is so life-affirmingly happy it would make even Andy Murray crack a smile, and next single ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful’ proves it is possible to find a mid-point between Johnny Cash and Los Campesinos! A couple of the slower songs do stray towards mawkishness, but there’s enough self-deprecating dark humour to drag it back from Heart FM territory, and in the achingly beautiful closing track ‘Boys On Their Birthdays’ they’ve written one of the year’s sweetest ballads, albeit one that ends with the gloriously incongruous line “The bones inside my shins are crumbling/It’s from all the crunking I’ve been doing”.

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In 2014 the endlessly innovating duo changed tack again and harnessed this new-found live confidence to produce their most ambitious and complete record yet - Complete Surrender.Slow Club are defined by their own distinct and powerful partnership - Charles with bruised vocal, rasping guitar and disarming lightness of touch; Rebecca with her dash of Northern Soul and sharp wit, switching between vocals and drums like Beyonce crossed with Karen Carpenter.In the autumn of 2010 the band returned to the studio to start work on their second album Paradise.But obviously, as I’ve gotten older, it’s clear that I’m not that good. Well, there’s the original singing drummer, Karen Carpenter.But there are only certain patterns that I can play well while singing at the same time, so that kind of limits me.

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