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Our goal is to build an Ed Tech platform to overcome the challenge of teacher quality and availability (1.25 million teachers are needed in Pakistan).Read more Organisation: is a home educator who regularly made use of SOLE projects when her children were being homeschooled.Pinata Education is an online English Language School providing children in China with professional ESL courses. We are looking for teachers who are ready to do what it takes to earn ,000 to ,000 a month teaching ESL online.The founding team has over 10 years’ experience in online language teaching service. If you're reading this, then you probably want to find a way to make stable money teaching English online. At IQBar, we are looking for ‘Buddies’ (our lingo for teachers) to become part of our friendly, supportive team and share our expertise and passion with our ‘Breadies’ (our lingo for students). NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER/ ONLINE ENGLISH TEACHER The Opportunity Looking for a fun and professional online teaching position with a stable and competitive income? At Win Key , we believe that teaching should be as enjoyable as...

Read more SOLE has recently been introduced at Clever International School and was received with great enthusiasm by teachers and pupils.

Organisation: SOLE Colombia Adriana is a communication designer, visual thinker and entrepreneur that believes in empowering people to take ideas into social actions.

By approaching every opportunity as a design challenge she has structured roadmaps that integrate users, Read more Organisation: George Stephenson High School Amy-Leigh Hope is Curriculum Leader for Design Technology and Art at George Stephenson High School in Killingworth, Newcastle.

In the past couple years, demand for online English education has exploded, internet speeds have increased and more and more platforms have sprung up to enable matching teachers and students in simple online environments.

Skype and Google Hangouts mean anyone can teach face to face for free, as well as allowing you to share your screen for exercises as well.

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