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In Yellowstone, the civilian staff was replaced by the U. Mather was successful with the ratification of the National Park Service Organic Act in 1916. National Park Service), Hispanic Heritage Site, Native American Heritage Sites (U. National Park Service), and Women's History Sites (U. National Park Service) The National Park System (NPS) includes all properties managed by the National Park Service (also, confusingly, "NPS").

Further information: African-American Heritage Sites (U. The title or designation of a unit need not include the term park; indeed, most do not.

The smallest is Benjamin Franklin National Memorial at less than 0.01 acres (40 m).

Although all units of the National Park System in the United States are the responsibility of a single agency, they are all managed under individual pieces of authorizing legislation or, in the case of national monuments created under the Antiquities Act, presidential proclamation.

In 1872, there was no state government to manage it, so the federal government assumed direct control.

Yosemite National Park began as a state park; the land for the park was donated by the federal government to the state of California in 1864 for perpetual conservation. At first, each national park was managed independently, with varying degrees of success. Due to the irregularities in managing these national treasures, Stephen Mather petitioned the federal government to improve the situation. Lane challenged him to lobby for creating a new agency, the National Park Service, to manage all national parks and some national monuments.

In addition to administering its units and other properties, the National Park Service also provides technical and financial assistance to several "affiliated areas" authorized by Congress.

In 1951, Conrad Wirth became director of the National Park Service and went to work on bringing park facilities up to the standards that the public expected.

The movement for an independent agency to oversee these federal lands was spearheaded by business magnate and conservationist Stephen Mather, as well as J. With the help of journalist Robert Sterling Yard, Mather ran a publicity campaign for the Department of the Interior.

They wrote numerous articles that praised the scenic and historic qualities of the parks and their possibilities for educational, inspirational, and recreational benefits.

The act would allow the President to reorganize the executive branch of the United States government. Albright had suggested to President Roosevelt that the historic sites from the American Civil War should be managed by the National Park Service, rather than the War Department.

It wasn't until later that summer when the new President, Franklin D. President Roosevelt agreed and issued two Executive orders to make it happen.

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