Simon rex dating history

The guys discuss horse lovers, male equestrians, and Brendan makes everyone watch Mr. They also talk Drake, Will Ferrell, Brian Ortega, Jay Schaub's lips, Chris D' Elia's smolder face, Brian Urlacher's hair, (Bobby Lee and Theo Von burst in to make a quick appearance) then the guys talk creepy mall santa, old negative tweets, cou ...…The guys discuss the Dana White/Stylebender drama and talk Brendan's trip to Spokane, Bryan's trip to Syracuse, Brendan's first spit shoey with Tai Tuivasa and Tyson Pedro, Russian gangsters, the team's upcoming trip to Chicago, mystery smells, Brock Lesnar's teeth, trypophobia, armless stabber, Sacha Baron Cohen's "Kinder Guardians", Michael Ja ...…Erik Griffin joins Brendan and Bryan to talk street fights, anger issues, regrets, handling hecklers, Erik being attacked at The Comedy Store, heckler stories from Chris D' Elia, Dane Cook, Dave Attell, and Jim Gaffigan, Bryan being in Castaway shape, Brendan looking like Erik's younger brother, older comics vs newer comics, Instagram comics, Ma ...…Brendan and Bryan talk killing turtles, purchasing mini cows, 4th of July firecrackers, mobsters, UFC 226, Bear Grylls and Joseph Gordon Levitt on Running Wild, The Fighter and The Kid 3D, Travis Pastrana and Evel Knievel, Daniel Cormier, animal attacks, World Cup and much more!!

Relive their ice bucket challenge video in the player below. Romance rumours stepped up a notch after Meghan and Rory starred in a very flirty ice bucket challenge video together.

Break-ups always suck, so spare a thought for poor old Cory Vitiello, who was reportedly given the flick shortly after Meghan met Harry in 2016.

A besotted Meghan even featured Cory on her now defunct lifestyle blog star was an item with the successful celebrity chef for two years and they were together when Meghan hit it off with Harry in July, 2016.

Just last week the mother of all bombshells dropped when it was reported Meghan went on a date with porn star Simon Rex in 2004 when she was an aspiring actress.

He's since come out and said it never took off due to his "garlic breath."Obsessed with the royals?

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