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What set this particular incident apart from others is that Twitter as a company decided to lend its corporate weight to Williams' critics by creating a "Twitter moment," meaning a tweet-based article about the controversy that it then presented to millions of users.The attention from Twitter headquarters and the backlash from readers likely played a role in prompting Newsweek's editors to completely remove Williams' article.Citing data from a 2015 study by the Pew Research Center, Williams noted that black women are significantly less likely to marry a person of another race than are black men.In the Pew survey, 24 percent of black male newlyweds were married to someone of another race, as compared with 12 percent of black women.Petersburg for a wedding," New York Times film critic Stephen Holden writes, "you wish their American screen counterparts were as comfortable in their skins and as relaxed about sex." In Cedric Klapisch's swank follow-up to romantic comedy , sultry Frenchman Xavier (Romain Duris) enjoys a brief tango in Paris with Senegalese sales clerk / fashionista Kassia (Aïssa Maïga) before his long trek toward love returns him where he started. Baby-faced Julian is pleasantly surprised that his crush -- a woman whose skin matches dear old mom, Annabelle Lee (Pam Grier) -- likes him most when he isn't "faking the funk." Margaret Cho, Tone Loc, Nell Carter and others round out this comedy-drama. However, Wai-Tung's attempts to hide his happy relationship with his real partner, a white dude named Simon (Mitchell Lichtenstein), get scrambled when his parents arrive to plan a traditional Chinese wedding banquet for their son and his pretend bride.IMDB | Netflix | New York Times Review , sexy Simon Green (Ashton Kutcher) and his spritely girlfriend Theresa Jones (Zoë Saldaña) happily consummate their love -- even though Theresa's father, Percy Jones (Bernie Mac), initially disapproves of the interracial relationship. IMDB | Netflix | Washington Post Review If you have additional movies you'd recommend, please share them in the comments section below.

Journalists often receive complaints about their work on Twitter as readers complain about typos, differences of opinion and factual errors.In a short piece filed Tuesday, Newsweek staff reporter Janice Williams used the start of the ABC program's 13th season to remark on how the long-running show's casting of a black woman in the title role was a milestone for African-American women.Williams also argued that the casting of Rachel Lindsay was noteworthy because the "Bachelorette" star is among a relatively small group of black women who are dating outside their own race.Salon reached out to Newsweek's editor in chief for further comment but has not received a response.At some point following the retraction of Williams' article, Twitter actually removed the "moment" dedicated to criticizing her essay.

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