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But the crux of his conversation was attempting to sway the skeptical as to why anyone should believe C-Murder is, according to Silkk, “a poster child for the innocent.” Hip Hop DX: I wanna start off with a question I’ve been wanting to know the answer to for 14 years.

Were you personally offended at all when Mystikal spit on your #1 smash single “It Ain’t My Fault,” “I might not be nothing to you, but I’m the shit on this label”? DX: Now you know there’s an automatic follow-up, I gotta get your thoughts on Mystikal signing to Cash Money.

She sings alot better than we think, she can def hold her own on a tour, and has done so already.That’s the page I’m on, everything else doesn’t exist to me. DX: Well let’s switch gears here to a difficult subject but one I know you wanna talk about: the documentary that you’re about to release on your brother, C-Murder. Silkk The Shocker: No, but we got some footage on him [where] he’s in Angola. I’m not a person who talks about this much because I know that people will say, “Well that’s his brother, of course he thinks he’s innocent.” But I don’t think that way, because I personally think that if you guilty you just gotta go do the time.And when my brother [Kevin Miller was shot and killed] I felt like give the person who killed my brother a thousand years.But as far as the artists on the labels amongst each other, I don’t think it ever was a problem. I would say I’m guilty of it as well somewhat though, because [during the time that] all the stuff was going on I actually had a chance to say “What’s up” to the homie Lil Wayne and we both was kinda like – nobody wanted to say “What’s up.” But me and him had no problems, because I know that he got love for us and we got love for they team.I’d be lying to you if I tell you I don’t play they music.

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