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âIn my ef- fort to assert our rights and to protect our people and an- cestral domain, my beloved son was sacrificed.

It is very painful and I thirst for jus- tice,â he said.

Manila said the pact defines the structure and powers of the new B a n g s a m o r o autonomous entity that wi l l replace the existing Autonomous MILF dedma lamang sa banta ni Nur Misuari Si Moro National Liberation Front leader Nur Misuari ng makipagkita ito kay Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement chairman Sheik Ameril Umra Kato sa Camp Al-Farouk sa Maguindanao province nuong November 2011.

(Mindanao Examiner Photo - Mark Navales) COTABATO CITY â Binalewala lamang ng Moro Islamic Liberation Front ang banta ni Nur Misuai , l ider ng isang paskyon ng Moro National Liberation Front, sa banta ni tong posibleng magkaroon ng kaguluhan sa Mindanao dahi l sa pagbuo ng Bangsamoro.

ARMM Northern Mindanao Davao Manila Zamboanga Peninsula Founded 2006 P10/RM1Zamboanga City, Philippines Mindanao Daily Oct.

22-28, 2012 TRIBES DEMAND HALT TO MINING IN ZAMBOANGA The Subanen leaders are claiming some 23,800 hect- ares of lands in the town of Bayog where several mining companies and small scale miners are operating.

âWe are appealing to President Aquino to help us.â He said at least 38 min- ers had been killed over the past years â either by hired guns or mining-related inci- dents which were mostly un- reported in the media.

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I need your support in this most trying time of my life as a father and a leader.â Promon said authorities have not release any details of the investigation into the boyâs killing and the attempt on the life of Manda. We were at peace, but the entry of min- ing companies in the province has divided the Subanen now.If because of this as- sertion I am viewed as an anti- mining leader, so be it.But I want to make it clear that the issue I am struggling for is not about mining, but our rights as Indigenous Peoples,â Manda said.Also in the photo are Moro Islamic Liberation Front chairman Murad Ebrahim, Presidential Peace Adviser Teresita Deles, Philippine peace negotiator Marvic Leonen and his MILF counterpart Mohagher Iqbal.(Photo by Benhur Arcayan) The two sides signed a historic pact just recently and the deal is seen as a huge step towards ending decades of bloody fighting that had killed tens of thousands of civilians in Mindanao.

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