Shoes accommodating afo braces

These are the most common question posted in our CHASA support groups.

Hatchbacks -A line of shoes designed specifically to address the needs of children wearing AFOs, DAFOs, and orthotics.

But that’s so easy to do that we could replace the straps time after time for the full lifespan of the shoe if we wanted to without any real frustration setting in.

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Then over time that diminished to 1/2" heel max, and now none at all.

The extra space can alleviate swollen feet and allow the use of several custom orthotics on top of the factory insole.

Check out our AFO buying tips, shoes that work well with AFOs, How to adapt flip flops and more so you’re not sitting in a shoe storm in a steamy sweat surrounded by 30 boxes of shoes as your toddler screams and all those people stare at you. Learn more about Plae Shoes and orthotics Answer 2 Shoes for AFOs – Designed to look like traditional shoes, yet, accommodate AFOs, DAFOs and orthotics. Drew Bloom II – Footwear designed with twice the toe room of a traditional shoe.

Sometimes medical insurance or Medicaid will cover the cost of Hatchbacks.

Keeping Pace Orthopedic Footwear -Designed for AFOs – children and adults Nordstrom’s – will only charge you for one pair, even if you have to have a different size or width.

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