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Typically prices range from 00 to 65 per month.\u003c/p\u003e\u003cp\u003e\u003cstrong\u003e We found more than 45 senior apartments in Shelbyville and Kentucky\u003c/strong\u003e.Our Senior Living Advisors have helped families in the Shelbyville, KY area find 55 and over communities that meet their unique needs and budget.Shelbyville beat out Springfield in the bid for the Olympics, after Springfield's chances for earning it were spoiled by ethnocentric comedy by Bart Simpson.Springfield's little league baseball team, the Iso-Tots, was once beaten in a championship by Shelbyville's team.Most of these features, and the people staffing them, strongly resemble Springfield's (a Scottish female who resembles Groundskeeper Willie works at Shelbyville Elementary, for instance).Other features include at least one mini-mall, a zoo, a Best Western hotel, a city dump, and natural landmarks "Rolling Rock" (a giant boulder rolling between two steep cliffs) and Shelbyville Falls, a waterfall.The people of Shelbyville are not much smarter or less quick to anger than the people of Springfield.

After Shelbyville made the world's largest pizza, Springfield burned their city hall.Although it was rebuilt after they destroyed the Sun Blocker, it is unclear if it was rebuilt after the nuclear explosion (presumably from their nuclear power plant).Landmarks and features of Shelbyville include: its own nuclear power plant, owned by Aristotle Amadopolis; Shelbyville Elementary School; Shelbyville High School (which competes against Springfield High School in student debate competitions); a "Speed-E-Mart" convenience store; local bar "Joe's Tavern (where "Fudd Beer" is served, despite having been recalled after a large number of hillbillies went blind); Shelbyville Theater District; and yellow-colored fire hydrants.The Simpsons once visited Shelbyville and attended a play entitled "Song of Shelbyville".The play featured a parody of Springfieldians as uncultured hicks, and when Lisa objects to this portrayal, the crowd started pointing at the family and made a noise that Marge called "hate-hoots".

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