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This has created a surge of matchmaking phenomena over recent years that are taking the single Chinese market by storm.From the super-rich paying exclusive matchmaking agencies in China enormous fees (it is rumoured that the top Chinese introduction agency charges a heart-stopping £500,000) to vet prospective spouses, to the middle and working classes attending 3-day matchmaking expos that to the untrained eye would appear rather like a career convention.People line up here, sitting on the ground with biographies stuck on umbrellas (making it their private stalls), discussing futures of young people, who, in all probability, are not too happy with this arrangement.We didn't really see any eager-to-be bride or groom and suspect the enthusiasm is fueled purely by the parents.We hope our suggestions help you get the most out of your Shanghai experience.

No man wants to be left unpaired when the music stops, but unfortunately with an excess of 24 million unmarried men, it’s all becoming a bit of a mad scramble.If you get hungry or want to grab a beer, drop into the famous Barbarossa — a Moroccan lounge bar and a restaurant inside People's Park.They have a 50% off happy hour deal daily from 5 pm to 8 pm.China Highlights helps you create your very own trip.You can visit the marriage market and do much more with your day, by planning better with the help of our various itineraries.

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