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Classifications will be performed by the Department of Corrections.

Offenders currently under parole, post-prison supervision, probation or under the jurisdiction of a juvenile court fall under the authority of their supervising agency.

Community notification is made by Community Corrections for persons under supervision by the Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision and Community Corrections.

Other examples of notification include: Community/neighborhood meetings Distribution of flyers door-to-door (i.e., schools, daycare centers, etc.) Newspaper articles and ads Internet notices Posting offender residences No.

Can registered sex offenders have contact with or be around children?

Presently, the Oregon public website contains only those offenders designated as “predatory”.

The Sex Offender Registry is being updated to a classification system where only offenders with a Level 3 classification, with notable exceptions, will be listed on this website.

For persons on supervision, notification may be made by their supervising agency.

​ to register as a sex offender, the person shall report, in person, to the Department of State Police, a city police department or a county sheriff’s office, in the county of the person’s residence: in order to complete an Initial Registration If a person has complied with the initial registration requirement, the person shall subsequently report, in person, in the following circumstances, to the Department of State Police, a city police department or a county sheriff’s office, in the county of the person’s residence reported on his or her most recent registration:* The information appearing on this website is provided as a public service and for general informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice to any individual or entity.

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