And He showed up, in more ways than in a wall size painting.I have more stories of meeting Jesus at sex camp than I have time to write.Registering will allow you to chat with models who allow free chat.My girlfriend's still saying she doesn't have a boyfriend.

After the welcome, students formed groups and visited six tables, each manned by a Campus Health or other VPUL staff member teamed with a peer health educator!

The moments were healing moments, ones I’ll never forget.

I expected to meet Jesus at sex camp but I did not expect my healing to connect directly and so vividly with an amazing piece of art. Showing up where very few want to go with you, in unexpected ways, at unexpected times and whose healing is as unique as your issues.

Who knew learning about sex could be entertaining, fun, and NOT awkward!?

Despite our very different sexual backgrounds, I shared these sentiments with my fellow sex campers!

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