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Then the girl cries in Arabic: “Don’t you have a sister? ”The phrase “don’t you have a sister” has started trending on Moroccan social media. Last month Morocco adopted what the government considers a landmark law combating violence against women.#واش_ماعندكش_ختك What the fuck does having a sister have to do with anything? Slimani is a well-known French-Moroccan journalist and novelist.Her second novel, won France’s top literary prize, the Prix Goncourt, in 2016.The ministry said authorities are still searching for the person who filmed the attack.

In , Slimani writes that Moroccan women’s sexual needs beyond reproduction are largely ignored, and that women are expected to be virgins at marriage and sexually passive afterwards.What emerges most vividly from the words of the Moroccan women whom Slimani interviews is the double standard when it comes to men and women’s sexual freedom, and the suspicion and fear with which women’s sexual pleasure is viewed.“Before being an individual, a woman is a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter,” writes Slimani.Young people snatch moments of intimacy with each other where and when they can, but this puts them at many risks: of social opprobrium, violence, police harassment, pregnancy and other health risks.“Young people’s sex lives are clandestine and unhappy,” argues Dialmy.

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