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We don’t have any pets although we recently adopted some plants and I’m hoping I don’t kill them…Our Hobbies When we aren’t working (which we wish was more often…), we’re usually cooking something scrumptious at home, inviting friends over for wine/cheese/homemade bread, or hiking in the beautiful Santa Monica or San Gabriel Mountains.

Anna studied photography at NYU and worked in Thailand after graduating, so you could say we both have the travel bug.

She really enjoyed the house renovation project (much more than I did), and given her background in logistics–plus her impeccable taste–I think she’d be great at it.

The problem is that we have no idea where to start and she’s terrified of being unemployed.

Indeed, most of our weekends in 2016 were dedicated to working on the house and bringing it from “glorified storage shed with questionable plumbing” to “fully functional home.” We had help at times when it was necessary, but the bulk of the work was done with our own blood (yes, there is some of my blood behind the tiles in the bathroom), sweat, and tears.

The goal was to create a habitable rental unit for my parents to rent out once Anna and I move out and we succeeded!

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