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A domestic claims commission was established by an act in 1827 to handle the disbursement of awards.

Abstract of Accounts for Bounty for the capture of ships in the Slave Trade. Gives name of the claimant, name of captured and capturing ships, and name of the payee.

The 1789 Act that established the Treasury provided for a comptroller to superintend the adjustment and preservation of the public accounts and auditor to supervise disbursements.

Index to Letters Received, September 1, 1865 - January 9, 1911 Volume 1 entry 2 From the United States Attorney. Bearnes as surety on bond ship "Weathergage." RG 217 Records of the United States General Accounting Established within the Department of Treasury by an act of 1817 that authorized four additional auditors and an comptroller.

3, 1857 Volume 9 Index indicated no citations Registers of Letters Received, 1809-1863, 3 volumes see Letters Received, 1809-70, for documents (entry 9) LOC: 230/01/30/01, entry 6 Volume A: State Department RG 69 Records of the Work Projects Administration The Works Projects Administration, established May 6, 1935, was responsible for the Governments work relief program.

Nine Special Agencies were ultimately established in the Confederate States, each responsible for a prescribed geographical boundary.

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