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Dad thanked me, reminded me that future problems were also to be handled with the board, and left.I spent a few minutes reflecting on what had just happened.I knew by his reaction that the paddle stung, and thus the desired effect had been achieved.I then reached out and shook the boys hand, told him there were no hard feelings, and sent him back to class.

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In the overall disciplinary scheme, it fit neatly between detention and suspension.

Keila's Blog: Corporal punishment In Mississippi: Thoughts on Corporal Punishment Two northerners go teaching in Mississippi (2006).

They have come to more or less opposite conclusions about paddling.

The Benefits of Corporal Punishment Abstract of an article (March 2016) the full text of which is available with certain public library cards.

School Violence, Punishment, and Justice Power in Schooling Practice: The Educational Dilemmas Pain Versus Anguish: Is There No Need For Corporal Punishment? Rozycki, an educational philosopher, challenging many of the currently fashionable conventional wisdoms.

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