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But with Denny's image in mind I realized we hadn't just parked in a different watershed.For the first time in our Genesee travels we had moved beyond the influence of the ice.To the southeast it flows via the West Branch of the Susquehanna and the Susquehanna proper into the Chesapeake Bay.Finally, to the southwest it flows via the Allegheny, the Ohio, and the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico.Originally I hoped to explore some of the sites Denny had mentioned, but along the way I lost my concentration.In large measure that came from waiting too long to eat lunch.

But this time we kept going: past the farm I had seen near the crest, past the turnoff to Raymond, Pennsylvania, and past the summit.

Finally, Terry suggested that we eat our sandwiches in the car—which is what we ended up doing.

But now I see that my concentration also broke because I wasn't sure how to handle the shift in my thinking.

Although emphasizing a technical account of this "glacial drift," the study also included a powerful verbal image: The drift border is relatively straight and crosses [the county diagonally] with little regard for the major topographical features, thus suggesting that the Wisconsin ice sheet had a relatively straight and steep front.

The direct evidence for the ice front wasn't obvious to me.

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