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The Budget Brochure is updated annually to reflect the amounts budgeted for each fiscal year. A crime scene investigator, who specializes in photography, fingerprints, etc.To find the brochure for the appropriate year, go to the Finance page and select the correct fiscal year using the links on the left side of the page. A school resource officer who is assigned to the junior highs and high schools in the City.Victims of sexual assaults can do several things that will aid police officers in the investigation of the victim’s case.Though it is sometimes very hard and embarrassing, one of the best things a victim can do is report the sexual assault immediately.If you cannot find your property pins, you need to consider hiring a licensed land surveyor to survey your property.

5th Street Waterloo, Iowa 50704 Payment and citation can be mailed to: Traffic Division of the Black Hawk County Clerk of Court P. Box 9500 Waterloo, IA 50704 For more information, contact their office at (319) 833-3331.As time goes on, physical evidence may be lost as well as the victim and other witnesses’ ability to accurately describe to officers what had occurred.A victim of sexual assault should not shower, brush their teeth, drink anything, or use a bathroom if at all possible.Display the Budget Brochure The budget is available, either in its entirety or in a condensed brochure format, by selecting the link to the desired fiscal year from the Finance page, or you may contact Financial Services at (319) 273-8600. Any or all of these officers could be called in to assist in a case at any time.Select the Fiscal Year Individuals wishing to test for or renew their drivers license can do so at the Waterloo DOT office on the lower level of the Crossroads Shopping Mall. First, you should not give out any of your personal information to anyone, especially over the phone.

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