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But that never resulted in a date, and they didn’t recognize each other on Dec. “I looked up and was like, ‘Oh that guy’s really cute,’ ” Schipke remembered.

6, 2016, when they both walked out of 1500 Spring Garden St. He was getting out of work, and she was leaving an event for Penn State alumni. When their Uber POOL, a Toyota Camry, showed up, Marzano got in the front seat and Schipke shared the back with another passenger. “I’m sure the entire time she’s just watching this go down,” Marzano said.

Still, most Uber romances aren’t exactly fairy tales.

Often, they begin after last call: A guy, hoping to squeeze the last minutes of possibility from his night, looks over and spots the most beautiful girl in the whole wide car.

Some women have developed strategies to cope with aggressive behavior.

Katy Kopenhaver, 25, of West Chester, said a couple of college students were relentless in hitting on her and a friend, continually asking questions like, “Where are you guys going?

Aminda Leme da Silva Santos said an Uber driver caught her attention as she rode in a meticulously kept red Cadillac to an appointment in South Philadelphia.

He was tall with a deep voice, she recalled, and she noticed him glancing at her in the rearview mirror.

“He was taking too long, so I asked him for his.” They didn’t date for long, but she still thinks a car is as good a place as any to meet someone. “The bar is usually worse, in my experience, because people are usually drunk.” But for every harmless flirtation, there are unwelcome advances, or even perceived threats.They also create encounters that can be awkward, uncomfortable, or worse.Ride-sharing, Anderson said, “brings out new opportunities for these riders, but also challenges or even dangers.” Especially when passengers are under the influence, he said, “there are no guarantees.” While riders say that most Uber and Lyft trips are uneventful, encounters are common enough that Uber’s website addresses them: “Don’t touch or flirt with other people in the car. That’s no sexual conduct between drivers and riders, no matter what.” Nevertheless, Uber driver Gary Dages of Clementon has watched a few love connections — and some near-misses — unfold in his rearview mirror.What happened next, “depending on how you look at it, it could’ve been sexual assault.” There have been reports of sexual assaults, attacks, and kidnappings associated with ride-hailing apps around the world.An Uber driver was convicted of sexually assaulting a 24-year-old woman in 2015, in a ride from Center City to Norristown.

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