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But there is one requirement: don't fall in love with him.

In which Natsu and Gajeel are roommates and a zombie obsession on Halloween night just might get one of them the girl. Rated for language Bringing your girlfriend to meet your parents is a right of passage for some guys.) and cartoons such as Spongebob or Adventure time.[REVISED] Reality hurts, and it's cold and painful. •Natsu is not excited about Lucy's new boyfriend• It's okay... But there were some moments in which he couldn't help but think that she might be something… Moving in for the winter probably wasn't a very good idea, either. Levy had enough of Natsu and Lucy's argument by the end of their mission. Bored of the classic 'Natsu wants Lucy but she doesn't want him' Then you're bound to love this! But after she was forced to live with a certain pink haired boy, she discovered that just about anything could happen. Nalu AU Image not mine When Lucy was young, she'd been told that knights were good and dragons were bad. "Natsu you really need to start looking for the one." He chuckled. Lucy accidentally ruined Natsu's special scarf, given by his father Igneel, by spilling strawberry milk on it. Zeref is surprised and slightly suspicious when Natsu asks him to take him to the library for the fifth time that day... Little did he know, this library trip would change his life forever. Lucy is a book nerd, spending her days with her nose buried in a book. Everyday for the past 2 months he's always ahead of me. Policeman Natsu is trying to get ready to work, but Lucy has other ideas... Lucy needs a new job and the only one available is a one month babysitting job.She decided to solve her problems by trapping her partners' in a little glass bottle that housed her precious secret garden. Fairy tail is a TV show in modern day times and all the characters are actually actors. (Rated T for language and suggestive situations/dialogue)Love. This feeling had put her mom in the hospital and created so many scars and bruises on her body. But now that she's older, she thinks that knights are loud, annoying and disrupt perfectly good cuddle time and dragons are warm, friendly, perfect for cuddle time, and deserving of 'rewarding'. "Erza do you think there will be anyone out there that can tolerate me." "I believe so, there's always someone out there for anybody, even you boss." Just a little one shot hope you guys like and as always, it's Nalu. There were millions of reasons why she was in this situation, and all of them belonged to one simple fact; Lucy Heartfilia was hopelessly in love with Natsu Dragneel. Zervis Au Oneshot Natsu and Lucy grew up together and have lived together ever since. Natsu is the jock who never wants to leave the fields. And how do they become friends and eventually more? She wants to do it solo but how could you do that when your partner is Natsu?Lucy Heartfilia is the richest girl in the school, and every guy wants her. But when he's denser than ever, can Lucy get what she wants, when he doesn't even know what she wants? Yet why is Sakura in her office on Christmas Eve without Sasuke? We won't ask each others' names, give any information about oneself just act as a couple during the whole ride."Multi-pairings, one-shot collection. "Sure, her nakama were celebrating with the Stellar Spirits they had finally 'defeated' in order to turn them back to their regular selves, but…You, the dude with the pink hair backstage that literally stays in a dark corner for a hobby, is the last guy that stands a chance, and she's not worth it." "She's worth it alright. Na Lu Lucy and Natsu get stuck in an old cabin on their way home from a mission. Lucy is a Fanfiction authoress and is approached by her idealistic fan, Natsu. there was still a feeling she couldn't shake." Review!

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