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Moving your animal(s) to another country will also require you to meet that country's import conditions.

Discuss your plan with your approved group 2 or 3 exporting country of choice.

Anything you give them you'll probably want to try out first just in case your dog has a paradoxical reaction (a reaction opposite to the expected reaction, like becoming hyperactive when taking Benadryl, which usually has a sedative effect) or an allergic reaction. They're on the list of short-nosed dogs that airlines fear will not be able to adjust to the change in pressure in the cabin or beneath the plane. I've taken my Boston Terrier (short-nosed) on an airplane several times, and no one even commented.

I got calming treats from the vet and invest in a Thunder Shirt. It acts as kind of a hug which eases their anxiety. Double check with the airline you're intending to use, but given that the largest carriers say no I would be cautious no matter what. My veterinarian had no problem with it, and I also have a 14 year old pug client who flies at LEAST 5 times a year with his owner, so I'm not sure if this is accurate.

Please contact the Department of Home Affairs on 61 2 6264 1111 or 131 881 (within Australia) for more information. When submitting an application to import to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, you must state the breed of your dog and sign a declaration stating that it is not an ineligible breed. An import permit will not be refused based on an animal’s age.

Please seek advice from your veterinarian if you’re concerned about the animal’s age and how they may handle the journey and quarantine in Australia.

The glossary of terms lists the countries in each group.

I would suggest trying it in advance just to ensure that it is effective for your pets. I also use Benadryl, my 19 pound cavalier gets half a tablet before we leave for the airport, and I usually give him the other half right around take-off ( about 2 hours later), because he gets very stressed when he doesn't have me in his sight line.

Discuss the best way to do this with the airline and your veterinarian.

Depending on the containers you use, you may need to train your animal to use them before departure (e.g. Any food arriving with your animal will be destroyed in Australia.

The veterinary medical form PDF [352 KB]Word [40 KB] must be completed by your veterinarian and submitted with the import permit application.

If your cat or dog has been diagnosed with a medical condition after the import permit has been granted, please notify the department as soon as possible.

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