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No matter what, you're forsaking one vow or the other. - Ozank has joined Special: Chat The book version: "So many vows... It degrades, however, and cannot be repaired - once it's depleted it disappears, and must be made or purchased again. - Mahjarrat Info101 has joined Special: Chat Support - A wise man (named User: Vimescarrot) once said, "For fuck's sake, this is the most pointless argument ever in the history of the world! " This formidable level 90 magic gear comprises a robe top, robe bottom and helm, and is the best power-type magic armour available. As such, a protective barrier was placed around that spot, making the demon unable to escape. The built-up area of the town was 0.20 km², and contained 105 residences. So I did And he handed me 10mil And i went crazy And then he traded me again And I went crazy And he did that 4 times I now have 40mil :/ -! - Hallowland has joined Special: Chat Because Jagex has been known to temporarily ban people who request too many pages in a row from their website, implementing a 30-second request cooldown to download feeds would mean that the downloading alone would take more than six months.

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