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The indexes start in 1880-81 and cover the entire state outside New York City.Entries give only name, date, place of event, and certificate number.…I notice this strange castle-like structure whiz past out my window: Clearly the ruins of , it kept bugging me each time I drove by until finally, I had to stop and figure out what it was.I found a place to park near the highway and came across a trail that seemed to be leading to the structure…So how did Cliffdale go from being one of the most remarkable mansions on the Hudson to these dilapidated ruins?As detailed by the Palisades Interstate Park website, the property was purchased by John D.

Web links for many of the five towns and nineteen villages in Rockland County can be found on the Internet under at us/planning/Our Mission Statement reads: "The Rockland County Office of Fire and Emergency Services provides support and training necessary to the Rockland County Fire Service and all Emergency Responders so that they may provide our citizens with the finest available emergency services." We continue to expand and improve our firefighter training programs.We presently offer National Fire Academy Outreach Courses, New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control Fire Service Outreach Courses, and over 300 Rockland County Fire Training Courses.Firefighter Training Programs The Rockland County Fire Training Center opened in 1973, thanks to the foresight and efforts of many dedicated fire service leaders.Over the years, we have been educating personnel in fire prevention, protection and suppression.

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