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“With the press and the hysteria that surrounded the actual trial, it was almost as if her own identity was taken from her at that moment and she was blown up into this other being.” In a time when history was, for the most part, being written by men, this female-led rendering of Marks’s story offers a gendered look back at what it meant to be a working-class girl in the Victorian age in Canada, what it meant to be part of an extremely raw colonial society, and what it meant to be fighting for your life in a patriarchal system of survival—a tenacious exploration of character and time that for Gadon played a major part in the script’s appeal.“When I read the piece, what I was most proud of and most interested in was this very nuanced and deep discussion about female identity,” she explains, “especially how female identity gets skewed by history in terms of its interpretation and its understanding.” There are reasons, Gadon notes, that stepping into the shoes of the notorious Marks was no small undertaking.

“It was such an intense shoot because I had all these versions of her to keep in my head, but then on top of that [director] Mary [Harron] wanted me to do every housemaid’s chore for real, so I was milking cows and lugging buckets of water and pumping water and churning butter and sewing throughout the entire show,” Gadon recalls.There’s a real spark between them, and they’ve already been spending time together when filming ends for the day. , Gadon enjoys teasing her leading man and making jokes at his expense.Poor Kristen has no one except her new black puppy.“It was exhausting.” As the dust settles on Gadon reflects upon the path that has led her to where she is now, one that began with the precision and structure of ballet.“I am really happy that I came to acting through dance because of its discipline,” she says.

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