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I explained that it seemed to me a most appropriate name, given its seductive, exotic, heady, sultry, opulent, intoxicating nature. Thinking back, it's surprising that 9th grade me could be so earnest but not pushy, and maturely articulate enough that Madame Lombard changed her mind!She smiled, and put it right in the center of the bulletin board, where it remained the rest of the year.This is a magical fragrance, that is sexy and yet sweet. As an Indian, a lot of the notes used are familiar day to day objects, but the combination is delicious, surprising and intoxicating. I began wearing this in the late 70s, when I was in jr high! Heavy, warm oriental spice and musk and smoke and vanilla and amber and incense - Opium is spiritual *and* sexy. Opium transports me to a magical, elegant but comfortable place, where nothing sucks and never has.I find myself sniffing this oh so often whenever I wear it. I wore this on my wedding day, with jasmine in my hair and it was just such a perfect blend of sweet, sophisticated and sexy. It's an incense-y room of silk-covered floor cushions, with antique wall tapestries, and it is always l'heure bleu - that magic electric blue sky of early evening or almost dawn.My review is more for the heart and base notes really.It starts off with orange, jasmine and yla ng ylang on me. Slowly the notes of cinnamon and coriander come to play.Not because it's popular, but because it's such a well done, real perfume. This scent makes me feel so serene, peaceful, sexy and powerful.I can't forget the ad with Sophie Dahl, it's apt top to toe. It makes me feel like a rock star, and that I can take over the world.

The juice is certainly original since it's longevity and sillage are great, but maybe they refilled the old bottle with the new product?It's the sexiest, most attractive scent I've ever smelt.It's the one fume appreciated by everyone, adored by many.I later got so spacey, shaky and weak I needed to go back to bed, but first I dabbed a tiny bit on my throat so there'd be something good while feeling bad.That's the only time I've gone back to bed while feeling sick as a dog and smiling!

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