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Maybe running for president while taking strong painkillers is the way to go after all, eh?

In the first round, Perry dodged a question on whether he'd reduce the number of legal immigrants, and instead did a whole lot of talking about securing the border.

All quotations below were hastily jotted down, and may not be perfectly accurate, I should add (I may have missed the exact wording or phrasing, but the gist of all the quotes is entirely accurate).

Rick Perry Rick Perry certainly sounded better than his last debate performances (especially the one with the infamous "Oops").

Of course, my ears aren't exactly his target audience, and I do realize Republican primary voters might react differently.

Kasich also came out for a balanced budget amendment, and in the second round talked about morality dictating that Republicans should care about more than just the economy -- "something I think Republicans need to talk more about." Sounded a lot like George W. Kasich did have a fairly relaxed time of it, and ended on an upbeat note.

So they made the round of all 14 twice, the first time ending with the video linkup candidates and the second beginning with them.

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I've listed my reactions in the order the candidates appeared in the first round of questioning, which was randomly drawn at the forum (although all the video-feed candidates appeared last, for technical reasons)." I am not exactly complaining about this -- since it is likely what Republican voters really want to see, at this early point -- but instead merely pointing it out.The other truly notable thing about the entire evening was that Donald Trump's name , either by the moderator or by any candidate.The "one person on the stage at a time" format was an odd one, meant to get around the Republican National Committee's strict rules on how many debates they're going to tolerate this time around (it seems the more the public hears Republicans debate, the more it harms the Republican candidates).Still, it was a chance to see very short performances of almost all of the candidates, as entry was not limited by poll standings (the way it will be later in the week, at the first official Republican debate).

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