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I took my friend with me, 'cause there was a bunch of us.Anyway, fast forward half an hour and I see my date going into his bedroom with my friend and they're gone for like 45 minutes.Eventually, I was forced to cut him out of my life because he would get absolutely shit-faced every time I so much as talked about having interest in someone else. " And honestly, I got so tired of his bullshit, I had to get rid of him entirely.I was always having to deal with a drunken message like, "I love you, we're meant to be together… Five years later and I'm still fucking bitter about the whole thing and angry for not seeing the red flags sooner.For some reason we had a hard time finding it, which resulted in him saying a bunch of cuss words and throwing his phone in the car, breaking it. I don't need that kind of rage anger in my life!

But no mistake it’s serious business, and you will fall for a girl at some point, and the second you start thinking your bigger than the game is when disaster strikes.

In almsot all cases a toxic woman comes from a toxic childhood with either verbal, physical or sexual abuse.

Because she was abused she develops low self esteem and that low self esteem manifests itself towards the men in her life.

He ghosts me and adds my friend on Facebook the next day.

I bumped into him on the train days later and called him an asshole, to which he responded "Yeah, I know." I was actually dating this guy for a couple months. Until one day when we were driving in his car, looking for the dry cleaning place his mom asked him to stop by and pick up clothes from.

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    Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird urged Commonwealth countries to protect the rights of homosexuals Monday, singling out African and Caribbean countries for criminalizing homosexuality and failing to protect gays from homophobic attacks.

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    Her interest was initially piqued when he seemed to have a similar background and heritage to her and they chatted for almost two months, often exchanging messages for at least two hours an evening.