Recovering alcoholics and dating

Secretly, the spouse may fear not being needed, and worry, “Will I be enough to be loved?” should the addict becoming a fully-functioning, independent adult.This reflects the shame that lies beneath the caretaking, self-sacrificing, role of being a super-responsible partner – shame that underlies With sobriety also comes the fear of relapse.

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Sober or abstinent addicts have their own emotional challenges.

Trust has been broken many times, and it will have to be rebuilt – a process that can’t be rushed.

Hopefully, the partner has also been in a 12-Step program, such as Nar-Anon or Al-Anon.

Still, he or she may watch and worry whether the addict is doing what’s necessary to recover and be intrusive with statements like, “Did you call your sponsor?

” or “You need a meeting.”Partners are accustomed to their roles – the addict being unreliable and dependent, and the partner being a super-responsible fixer. The Underdog addict is self-centered and irresponsible, and feels vulnerable, needy, and loved only when receiving.

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