Puck and santana dating

* One of Artie’s movies gets into a film festival, and he gets back together with Tina!* Sue takes her insane brand of politics to the White House, serving as Vice President of the United States under President Jeb Bush.

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And now, it’s time to play the (last ever) Rating Game…Rachel and Kurt: “Popular” — Rating: B Mercedes: “I’m His Child” — Rating: A- Artie: “Pony” — Rating: B Will: “Teach Your Children” — Rating: B Mercedes: “Someday We’ll Be Together” — Rating: A- Sue and Will: “The Winner Takes It All” — Rating: B Kurt and Blaine: “Daydream Believer” — Rating: B Rachel: “This Time” — Rating: A EVERYONE: “I Lived” — Rating: A Bonus Entry!Plus, Schue’s outrageous spending has depleted the fund April already donated to New Directions. ) But April’s not done yet: She calls in legendary sub Holly Holliday, and the duo vows (over copious vino) to save the glee club.In the interim, Schue gathers the Original Flavor New Directions in the auditorium, where Finn’s plaque is now hanging, and gives a tearful speech. “I just have you guys and the memories of the people on this wall.” Grades for the Week’s Musical Performances April, Will & New Directions: “Raise Your Glass” — B Quinn, Santana and Brittany: “Toxic” — Grade: A (loved the castanets and sexually heightened “Cell Block Tango” staging!Mer doesn’t, however, get back together with Sam — despite his incessant texts.* Kurt and Blaine live an expectedly fabulous life in New York, where they serve as inspirations to the tiny gays of all five boroughs.

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