Profile unix updating user

In these cases, you should use additional PAM configuration to ensure that these pseudo-disabled accounts do not authenticate to the Operations Manager agent.

Consequently, there is no requirement to define additional profiles by using the Run As Profiles Wizard unless special circumstances dictate it. For example, the UNIX/Linux maintenance account profile cannot be used in place of the other profiles simply because it is configured by using a privileged account.

However, the PAM authentication used by the Operations Manager agent does not require that the user name have an interactive shell associated with it.

If your Linux/UNIX account management practices include removing the interactive shell as a way to pseudo-disable an account, such removal does not prevent the account from being used to connect to the Operations Manager agent and perform monitoring functions.

In Operations Manager, a profile cannot function until it is associated with at least one Run As account.

The credentials for accessing the UNIX or Linux computers are configured in the Run As accounts.

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