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Today that combination is so familiar that many people don't even realize that the protesters and the hippies initially distrusted each other.

What seems most curious about the yippies today is the way they mixed hard left politics with a deep appreciation for pop culture.

At demonstrations and parades, Yippies often wore face paint or colorful bandannas to keep from being identified in photographs.

Other Yippies reveled in the spotlight, allowing their stealthier comrades the anonymity they needed for their pranks.

One cultural intervention that misfired was at Woodstock, with Abbie Hoffman interrupting a performance by The Who, trying to speak against the incarceration of John Sinclair, sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1969 after giving two joints to an undercover narcotics officer.

Guitarist Pete Townshend used his guitar to bat Hoffman off the stage.

In one chapter, Rubin complained that if "the white ideological left" took over, "Rock dancing would be taboo, and miniskirts, Hollywood movies and comic books would be illegal." All this from a self-proclaimed communist whose heroes included Castro, Chairman Mao, and Ho Chi Minh.

Small business owner and Ethiopian refugee Alexander Assefa will become an Assemblyman in the Nevada state legislature next year, after he defeated two primary challengers on Tuesday.

(Photo: Alexander Assefa's campaign) Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff Published: June 16th, 2018 New York (TADIAS) – Ethiopian-American entrepreneur Alexander Assefa has won a primary election on his way to become a state legislator representing Nevada’s 42nd assembly district.

Many Yippies used nicknames which contained Baby Boomer television or pop references, such as Pogo or Gumby.

(Pogo was notable for creating the famous slogan: "We have met the enemy and he is us"—first used on a 1970 Earth Day poster.) The Yippies' love of pop-culture was one way to differentiate the Old and New Left, as Jesse Walker writes in Reason magazine: Forty years ago, the yippies seemed unusual because they fused the political radicalism of the New Left with the long-haired, grass-smoking lifestyle of the counterculture.

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