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The site currently boasts 110 million registered users and is the top social network in many Eastern European countries.In 2006, it launched as an almost line-by-line Facebook clone, and the first thing Westerners will notice when logging on is that its design is a shameless rip-off of Facebook circa 2010.I chatted with Natalya Galugan, a pretty 26-year-old from Kryvyi Rih.

"The internet cuts out the middleman and the agency is the classic middleman."A more ominous explanation for the shift would be the passage in 2005 of the International Marriage Brokerage Act."We all have a natural desire to want to get as a close as possible to the real thing, to meeting some pretty girl on the corner" said William Lee, the proprietor of the website Russian Women and a professional coach for men looking for Eastern European wives."Or in this case, randomly meeting some pretty girl online."For their purposes, VKontakte is the perfect alternative.In contrast, Ukrainian men hardly ever message her—"it's not in [their] nature."But the messages she receives, she said, are invariably dull."Standard compliments, inviting to visit them," Galugan said.

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