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That, the Hebrew script nor Hebrew artifacts, has never been found in any archaeological digs in ancient Sumeria or in Akkadian archaeological digs, nor anywhere in Mesopotamia (Iraq), prior to -1300 BC, from when Moses wrote the Torah.

There has been hundreds of inscriptions of “yhvh” and “elohim” found in Phoenicians and Canaanite pagan temples, as the “Canaanite Ebla Tablets (-2500 BC), and Canaanite “Mari Letters” (-2000 BC), of which yhvh and elohim are their gods.

From the time of the fall of The Second Temple in Jerusalem and the deaths of all Jewish Priests (70 AD), until the beginning of the writing of the Talmud, there was a 200 year gap, of which God was forgotten, and the Hebrew language was lost.

The Germans pronounced their “v” as “w”, and their “w” as “v”. So when, the English translated the name of God, they erroneously used the transliterations; Yehowah, or Yahowah. In Genesis Chapters 1-6, “elohim” was the common Proto Phoenician and Proto Canaanite name for a god or gods.

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That, from the oldest artifact on, there is a progression of ancestors (or heroes) that became legends (gods).Also, WTF is up with being “deprogrammed” in therapy?I would definitely say DO NOT GO SEE ANYONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE ABLE TO DEPROGRAM YOU AND MAKE YOU LOVE SEX WITH OBESE WOMEN.The Aa Lo H- Yi M (elohim) as gods, were simply the Phoenician and Canaanite kings or priests who watched the sky, for the seasons, to plant and harvest.With new archaeological discoveries made daily, it has become easier to make better translations of the Early Canaanite and Early Hebrew scripts.

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