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It just seems weird you don't get to see the girl, at all. They hadn't quite optimized the engine when they sent it out the door.

There's a black screen which says how curvy and sexy she is. Also, in the fights, it just seems a lot of the brutal moves have frames missing, excluding the impact of certain moves. Again, shouldn't speak for the EU version, but one thing I am aware of is that the framerate of the game dips at points during combat.

For that, I thought “oh, maybe I can go to United States, and [try to portray her] with all the clothes that she has in the physical world.” In the end, it was like, maybe I don’t need to include their physical lives. There’s a [very old] picture of a [young woman], after I’ve shown all her avatars.

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And it was like “Woah, that’s not a game, there’s people doing important things for them [in here].” I thought: “Now I may as well try to document the lives of those people that are standing inside this place.” That was the beginning. And then one day I realized that in this place, when people talk, you don’t hear the conversations because that will be so messy in a public environment.

They even censored the Witcher 3's sex and nudity in Japan.

to reveal itself as something much more empathetic, even human, full of penetrating longform interviews that explores the digital architecture of Home as well as the emotional lives of the people filling it.

On weekends, we spent many hours with me on my sofa and him on his sofa with headsets and microphones playing provided the two variables] I needed to be able to work as a photographer.

You can move around, you can look, and then whenever you want, you can take a screenshot and capture what you’re seeing.

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