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I washed each curtain in a cycle with no detergent, then a cycle with detergent. Oh my…when they came out of the dryer I could not contain my excitement! Their texture and dreamy color look like linen, but with a slightly worn, vintage feel.

The drop cloth curtains would certainly fit in any Joanna Gaines design plan.

All the bleaching tutorials I found used a washing machine to soak the curtains, but with two kiddos in the house all day I didn’t want us to be inhaling chemicals for days. Here’s how we bleached drop cloths: We have several large windows in our house, so we are bleaching 8 drop cloths to have a total of 4 window treatments. To prep, I cleaned out 2 large plastic tubs and filled them halfway with water.

The first drop cloths we bought from Lowe’s had a large seam running horizontal through the middle of the drop cloth. I added 8 cups of bleach (1/2 gallon) to each tub and stirred.

You guys…I am so excited to share this project with you!

When we moved into our house, the one thing I hated was the heavy brown curtains.

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We hung each drop cloth on the line, making sure there were no wrinkles. (If you happen to have a little helper who watches you through the window, stop here and think about how stinkin’ cute they are) Then I cleaned out a third plastic tub, filled it halfway with water, and added some vinegar.

I submerged the rinsed out drop cloths in the vinegar mixture to neutralize the bleach.

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