Pettyfer dating

She gave me the variety of experiences to see what I wanted to do.

Were you nervous about playing a novice stripper in Magic Mike? I went to some male strip clubs in Hollywood to see how they worked, which was a funny experience.

Do you get a lot of attention from female fans now you’re a grown-up sex symbol? I can think of about five dates that I have been on when I have gone to see the movie and I can’t remember what I was watching because I was so excited, looking across at the person and having all those new feelings.

You star opposite fellow British actor Gabriella Wilde in your new film, Endless Love, and you both used to model for Burberry – is there a connection? Gaby was cast long before me and I didn’t know her previously.

ALEX PETTYFER: What I love about this movie is that it’s about two young people falling in love for the first time, and that naivete that they have, which was very inspiring for me to do the movie. I think when you’re my age, you want to have an aura of being a man.

PETTYFER: The thing with Shana’s Endless Love is that we wanted to start the movie where David has made a conscious decision to change his life for the better.Despite what may be written, Marloes and I split up due to her being a crazy hot supermodel, and my work just keeping us apart. We are incredibly close and love each other tremendously!We are best friends, and who knows what the future holds.Before I met her, I didn’t know how the movie was going to work.Her character is a real outsider and doesn’t have many friends.

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