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Coaches help people recognize and break the unwanted negative cycles of behavior that govern their lives and empower them to choose how they want to live. The client sets the goals they want to achieve and is led by their coach to find the appropriate actions to reach their goals within themselves.

Coaching is a booming industry and has applications across many domains, including business, relationships, health, finding purpose, and more.

There is hardly a field that life coaching cannot add to, including positive psychology.

For anyone completely unfamiliar with positive psychology, I would highly recommend reading this article, which provides a very useful introduction to the field-click here.

And coaching courses and programs are stepping up and meeting the demands and higher standards for training.

Currently, coaches and aspiring coaches can pursue graduate degrees in coaching offered by universities in certain countries.

In order to truly understand how these 2 compare, let’s start by gaining a better understanding of what they really entail.In sum, coaching is an ongoing process between 2 people (or more in the case of group coaching), that draws on a foundation of trust to build awareness, skills and an action plan that allows the desired transformation to come to life.It’s about bringing out the best in people and inspiring them to act on their potential.The focus is retrospective and includes repairing damage from previous experiences.Identifying and treating disorders and pathologies and alleviating symptoms through behavioral, cognitive or analytic interventions is the scope of therapy.

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