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Most of the songs have some element of sexual suggestion in them, but the music and tempo is also sexy. You make me feel like splendor in the grass where we're rolling Damn skippy baby you make me feel like the Amazon's running between my thighs. Your cold fingers, Across my warm skin, Makes my body tense, But I let you in…

Usher, Marvin Gaye, Tyresse, Joe - I could list more, but don't have the music here with me :)Here's the lyrics to that Paula Cole song ~ Feelin'Love You make me feel like a sticky pistil Leaning into her stamen. You make me feel love You make me feel like a candy apple all red and horny You make me feel like I want to be dumb blonde In a centerfold, the girl next door. Your touch drives me crazy, But yet I want more, You please me in so many ways, What else could I ask for?

He could buy all his accessories in a Brooklyn men’s shop, but he doesn’t have to because he’s the real thing, a real rancher in a real cowboy hat who herds real cattle and wears his faded Wranglers so well that they turn the heads of the gay couples at the hipster bar where they go on their first date (back when [the author] still believed it was OK for the woman to pick the location of a date). Isn’t it a liberal sin to be turned on by big, strong, leathery, tanned hands? We open, they enter.” [The author], like all womankind, was “programmed, sexually and emotionally, to get excited by a man who took charge.” Her first night at the ranch, Al Green on the radio, the “angels sang arias” and “the earth moved.” She would tell you more details about that night, but the cowboy has forbidden it. Still, her book may be another example of how generalizations (in this case, about what women and men look for in a sexual partner) really are true.

this brute with a pickup truck and a gun rack who watches Fox News and eats steak—comes as an unwelcome surprise to her at first. But then she turns to Google and realizes that science and biology are on the side of her libido.

I’m looking for those songs that are slow, caressing and sensual. I need some loving - and baby I can't hold it much longer. Oh no, they can't Well I know lots of songs but I also have a site and one of my poems makes myself hot .took me two months to finish it .. Intensifying with expectation, My body quivers at your touch, Never will I come to know, The boundary of “too much…” Locking gazes, You pull me in, And I don’t resist, Loves sweetest sin…

I want to know those songs that make your skin grow hot, that make your hips begin to grind a bit and your breath quicken between those hungry parted lips. I think that Toni Braxton "You're making me high" is the sexiest song, it makes me so freekin hot.. ~Pour Anything by Bob Seagar...(sorry if thats spelt wrong)His voice is sooooooo sexy!!! It's getting stronger and stronger and when I get that feeling I want sexual healing - sexual healing Another hot one.. Your weight upon me, Makes my body mount with temptation, As you caress my bare skin, It brings an enticing sensation…

The way you hold me tight, And slide as deep as you can go, Provokes my every sense, Like you will never know…

The farther you go, The harder it is to take, Sometimes I think I’m dreaming, Though I’m really awake…

It was only when I got picky and precise about what I truly wanted in a relationship that cowboys began to show up in my life.

I want to know if there are other songs out there like this. you better leave this town...." That one does it for me every time... Oh no, they can't I'm driving fast now Don't think I know how to go slow Where you at now I feel around There you are Cool these engines Calm these jets I ask you how hot can it get And as you wipe off beads of sweat Slowly you say, I'm not there yet I know I don't know you But I want you so bad Everyone has a secret Oh, can they keep it?

I’m not looking for songs about sex so much like the blatant sex driven lyrics in today’s pop and hip-hop tunes. Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing Oh baby now let's get down tonight baby I'm hot just like an oven. Oh no, they can't I know I don't know you But I want you so bad Everyone has a secret Oh, but can they keep it? SIN*FULThe body is such a phenomenal place, One that I love to explore, Bare skin, exposing curves like a trail, Intimacy is like an open door…

My nails slide down your back, Dripping with sweat, Every inch of our bodies, Is completely wet…

Any way we go, Drives me up the wall, It’s so hard to take anymore, My climax will be the downfall… All Rights Reserved.©I just need a chorus line lol See, that's why I asked for women's opinion.

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