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After playing some of the animal themed party games for consultants, try your hand at some of the silly anatomy ladies party games. When it comes to home based party businesses, one thing that you will hear time and time again is that bookings are the lifeblood of your business.This list of free home party games for consultants will help you get started on having terrific and fun parties that will get your guests buzzing. The ladies party games featured on this page all have animal themes or trivia about the human body, but the party games for consultants index found at the bottom of this page has hundreds of other free home party games.

Ask them NOT to write down the rooster, but to choose another animal instead.Remind them that barnyard animals are not shy, so there should be plenty of loud sounds with these in home show party games.When a guest has had all five of her numbers called out, she wins, BUT she will need to stand up, bend her knees, flap her "wings" and crow like a rooster in order to claim her prize. ANIMAL PHRASES Ladies party games: Below are the definitions of everyday expressions that suggest the name of an animal or bird. Reward them with M&Ms (or points, or another small candy) and the guest with the most candies wins!If the card says “Win a Prize” they get to choose a prize from your gift basket.If the card says “book a show” they must book a show.

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