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Every day I try to like my body, and I'd like to find somebody else who does too.

Woo Plus is a British online dating site that specialises in big beautiful women, and big handsome men, and their admirers.

This is especially true when obesity is regarded as something that can be easily controlled through willpower and making the "right" health decisions.

As a result, this kind of bias often leads to more negative outcomes for many obese people, including lower employment rates, lower salaries, and lower educational achievement than their less-overweight counterparts.

I had done all the things you did when you were traditionally built and dating online, before the body positive movement thankfully started kicking in a couple of years ago. Head and shoulders profile pictures only, with rare full-body ones, always taken in careful lighting from considered angles, even better, black and white. Except for people who take their dating profile pics in the bathroom, I've never understood those.

But it wasn't total deception, what's the point in catfishing, especially if you're going to meet the bloke down the line?

An understatement at the time, maybe, but online personal ads are like property ads, everyone knows what "renovator's dream", "charming" or "quaint" really mean.In qualitative studies of middle-aged overweight individuals, the most upsetting comments about obesity tend to come from friends (followed closely by comments from parents, strangers, and spouses).Sadly enough, this kind of weight bias also seems to extend to people who are obese (i.e., thin people with a history of obesity).Or you could go in headfirst and write "Attention all shoppers, I am overweight" in the first line of your profile.But that seems a bad way to start a potential relationship.

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