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Practically speaking women have great authority in the home and its daily running and a smart husband will not seek to micromanage and usurp his wife’s role and her practical authority there and with the children. Oneness requires headship, common faith, shared fear of the Lord, and a heartfelt appreciation for the gifts of each. (Matt 19:6) Therefore note that God worked this work, not you. Respect what God has done and reverence it as of him, and by him and belonging to him.Here then are a few things I have learned in 25 years of marriage counseling and talking to married couples.

Saying those words witnessed to the miracle of holy matrimony where God takes two and makes them one.Successful spouses learn to take the bad with the good, and to accept that what they most like and admire about their spouse, is also accompanied by a less desirable side to it.But at the end of the day they are able to link the two, accepting the tension with appreciation for what it points to. Happiness is an inside job – Most successful spouses come to love and admire many things about their spouse, and their marriage brings with it many happy moments.In the end, happiness is a gift that comes from God which we must allow him to work in us, whatever our circumstances. And we must individually cooperate with that work of God.It is wrong and idolatrous to make another human being, even your spouse, the source of your happiness. Our spouse can and should help in this regard, but they cannot be the ultimate source of our happiness. Faith is Fundamental – While it is true that irreligious couples do succeed in marriage, the best guarantee for a successful marriage is for each of the spouses to report to and be accountable and obedient to God. – One of the biggest problems today in marriage is power struggle. Having rejected the necessity of headship and the biblical teaching assigning that to the husband (eg Eph ff) the result is power struggle between the spouses.

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