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Almost one million vulnerable Iraqis will have to go without basic medicines and other life-saving healthcare if funding is not found to save critical health facilities, the United Nations health agency said on Tuesday.

If too low, there's a danger that we wouldn't be able to replace the aging workforce and have enough tax revenue to keep the economy stable.

Countries such as France and Japan that have low birthrates have put pro-family policies into place to try to encourage couples to have babies. Birthrates that are too high can strain resources such as clean water, food, shelter and social services, problems faced by India, where the fertility rate has fallen over the past few decades but still remains high.

Brookings Institution, points out that despite the recent decline, the U. fertility rate still remains relatively high compared to many other developed countries like Germany and Italy.

The United States also still has more births than deaths. Frey attributed the decline in birthrates to a women's “lifestyle” choice as well as the fact the economy has been in a funk.

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    After the accession of David I King of Scotland in 1124, the tie to the land was strengthened as the mormaerships were transformed into earldoms, the earls holding the land from the Scottish crown as tenants-in-chief in accordance with the Norman feudal system.