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I realized while reading this book that I personally have been affected by the Starbucks "surprise factor" twice.When returning from lunch in Oxford one day, I passed the store to see an employee outside dishing up free scoops of Starbucks ice cream.Keauhou is situated at an elevated point of about 13 ft.One of the historic areas of Keauhou is the Keauhou Bay.

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This blog started off as a way to communicate with friends and family when I first became an employee of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

Three years, countless life experiences, continual travel, a few periods of inactivity on the blog, and a promotion later, here I am, loving life through my travels with the Fraternity.

How does this apply to campus life and fraternity life?

Well look at how colleges and universities have adapted to the surprise factor when it comes to their residence halls and living quarters.

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