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This system is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.You can use this system to register yourself and household members for upcoming activities that are currently listed online and to make payments on existing balances.Please remember to update your email account information in the system if it changes.

This, and the Username (the email address you used when opening your account) is used to login to the online registration system to register any member in your account and to print a registration form to be mailed or handed in at the office. You can change your username and password at anytime by visiting your account.For security reasons, your account will be locked after 7 unsuccessful login attempts.Please wait 24 hours for your account to be reset and try again. There are two reasons why you may have been logged out of your account: Back to Top Why are participants asked for their birth date?Back to Top Can I use Internet Explorer or any other web browser?This registration system is designed primarily for use with Internet Explorer version 7 and Firefox version 2.

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